Own Your Confidence

“I’m a total fraud.”
“I have nothing to say.”
“People scare me.”

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Do you feel uncomfortable networking, because you don’t know how to do it?

Are you terrified of starting a conversation?

Are you tired of pretending you are someone you are not?

Do you feel that your fear of public humiliation is holding you back from doing what you want to do in life?

Does your social anxiety make you feel overwhelmed at networking events?

Do you have an aversion to schmoozing?

Are you afraid to meet new people because you have trouble remembering their names?

Does your Imposter Syndrome lurk in the back of your mind?

Are you afraid that you will be imposing on or bothering people because you have nothing to say or you have nothing to contribute?

Do you have a hard time letting go of past networking experiences that were a nightmare?

Are you concerned that people perceive you as young and inexperienced, instead of seeing you as the articulate, intelligent, and capable woman you are?


I hear you.

I see you.

I have been there.

I am there.

I have felt overwhelmed at networking events where I knew no one, but everyone else knew each other.

I have had people avoid me, because they thought I wasn’t well-connected or successful enough for them to associate with me.

I have attended a mixer where the person I was talking to literally ran away from me--not to talk to someone else, but simply to exit our conversation.

I am haunted by nightmares of past networking encounters where people I had known for years actively excluded me from socializing in their circles.

And yet…

I’m still here! I’m still mixing and mingling, networking up, down, and sideways.

How did I solve my problems with anxiety, and keep putting myself out there to meet new people?

I left the country. 😀

Truly, in 2018, my family and I moved from Los Angeles to Toronto, where we knew no one. So I had to meet new people. And, overall, Canadians are a friendly bunch.

I am not suggesting that you make an international move, changing postal codes, time zones, and official languages. But I do advise that you make a change in your life. Once you know better, you can do better.

Even in Canada, I have struggled with painful self-doubt and self-hatred.

I still do.

However, I have also figured out how to work with those issues instead of against them.

I acknowledge my fears, and move forward anyway.

Even though I am a natural introvert, I attend at least one networking event each month, have a chat with a new colleague each week, and email or message a new person every weekday. 

On Saturday and Sunday, I chillax, because I'm exhausted.

If you have been struggling with the same fears and anxieties about networking and you want to feel more confident about meeting new people, then I have a solution.

Own Your Confidence.

Logo. It's Official. Bloop.

Own Your Confidence is a six-week program. You and I work together one-on-one to overcome your anxiety and achieve your networking goals.

At the end of the program, you gain the confidence to need to make networking an easier process for you.

Here's a picture of what your future could look like:

  • You learn about new opportunities to expand your career.
  • You meet new people who understand and support your goals 
  • You learn about new concepts that can help you build your business. 
  • You make new friends and build a power squad inside and outside of your industry.
  • You attract the colleagues and associates who want to help you succeed.
  • You start living your best life. 😊

Here is my Call to Action for you.

It is Actionable, Concrete, and Persuasive:

Click Here to Email me for a complimentary Consultation: MahlenasGuide@gmail.com

"Emailing Mahlena now."

You could try to figure it on your own, spending weeks or months on trial and error, wishing you knew how to introduce yourself to new people with confidence, how to build relationships with new acquaintances, how to make new friends inside and outside of your industry.

Or, you could streamline the process.

"Help me, please."

If you have networking goals to build your career or grow your business, but you're struggling with how to overcome your anxiety, then we/I/Mahlena can help. (It's weird talking about myself in the third person.)

It can be easy to say, "This is what I want."

It can be hard to say, "Here is how I will start."

You don't have to figure it out all by yourself.

We can do it together.

"Let's do it to it!"

Expert consultant MAHLENA-RAE JOHNSON has guided working professionals--like YOU--from 5 different continents since 2013. 🌏 (Australia, you're next!)

Learn more about the Own Your Confidence Program:
  • Six-week transformation--Go from Awkward Introvert 😕 to Confident Introvert. 😀

  • Six life-changing 50-minute Strategy sessions with Mahlena.

  • Identify WHAT YOU WANT from your relationships.

  • Pinpoint what has made you anxious about networking in the past.

  • Recognize the obstacles on your present path, and remove the blocks to your Confidence.

  • Map out a Strategy to take Immediate Action on your Networking Goals.

  • SPECIAL BONUS! The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon mind meld: How to Get What You Want through the people in your network.

  • Total investment: $2495 USD

All sessions available online.

We work together to achieve your networking goals by taking one step at a time, customizing each Strategy Session to your needs, and creating an Action Plan to Own Your Confidence.

Start with a complimentary 50-minute consultation:
  • Ask me any questions you may have about the process. 

  • Talk about your challenges and goals. 

  • If it isn’t the right fit for you, no obligation. 

  • I want you to be happy and successful no matter what.

Click Here to Email me for a complimentary Consultation: MahlenasGuide@gmail.com

This is YOUR time.

"What was Mahlena's email address again?"

When you join the Own Your Confidence Program...

  • You are guaranteed to have someone listen to your needs without judgment.

  • This is not time for your boss, for your family, for your friends, or anyone pressuring you to be a different person.

  • You talk, I listen, and we do things for YOU.

Let's Own Your Confidence!

Click Here to Email me for a complimentary Consultation: MahlenasGuide@gmail.com


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