From Wikipedia:

Inside Amy Schumer is an American sketch comedy television series created and hosted by its star, Amy Schumer.

Episodes watched by me:

Most of them.

Does the series pass the Bechdel Test? (Two female character speak to each other about something other than a man.)

Yes. There have been multiple sketches in which Amy and her character's female friends all talk about themselves, each other, or other women.

Does the series pass The Mr. J Test? (Two nonwhite characters speak to each other about something other than a white person.)

This episode could count since Sasheer Zamata does speak to her black male coworkers over the loudspeaker. But they don't speak back to her. Also, the sketch is about how Amy's character thinks all the black men in the store look alike. So...

Does the series pass the Unicorn Bonus Round? (Two nonwhite female characters speak to each other something other than a man or a white person.)

I have only seen a handful (five) of nonwhite female characters on the show, and they primarily speak to white women. So, no.

Will I keep watching?

Probably. Though, not because of Amy's lackluster apology. Because there aren't many other comedic shows that comment on feminist issues, like military rape culture or unrealistic expectations of female friends, partners, customers, millionaires, and strangers.

Would I recommend this series?

I have recommended certain episodes and sketches before, but some of Amy Schumer's jokes, both on and off the show, have been racist. So watch the series at your own peril.

Final judgments?

More funny women on my television, please. I can't keep watching reruns of The New Adventures of Old Christine to get my fix.