“How exactly would you like me to be decisive"

"and stick to my vision and be strong about what I want, and yet not upset anybody? Please give me the secret to that. It is a fail-fail situation.”

Oof. It certainly is, Lexi Alexander.

This Bloomberg Business Celluloid Ceilings documentary would have been better had it included even one more nonwhite woman directors, e.g. current media darling/incredible business person Ava DuVernay.

Though incomplete, the film did point out some necessary truths, like the fact that Catherine Hardwicke turned a $37 million dollar budget for the first Twilight movie into an almost $400 million box office, thus paving the way for not only the over $3 billion saga, but also similar YA franchises like The Hunger Games and Divergent. Despite the success of Catherine Hardwicke's film, there have been no other women directors on any of the subsequent Twilight films, nor on the Divergent or Hunger Games films. Catherine Hardwicke also got paid less on her next movie.


Update (7/15/2015): Lexi Alexander let me know that she is Palestinian.