Today's deep thoughts: Growing wiser

From the "When your relationships could use a reboot ... " chapter of Bright Side Up: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now:

I caught singer Justin Timberlake on an airing of Ellen as he was about to turn thirty. When she asked him how he felt about entering his next decade, he said, "I'm excited about my thirties. Yeah, I'm excited about it." Then he paused and smiled. "Well, I don't really have a choice, so I might as well be excited."

[ ... ]

How can you possibly be excited about, say, turning one year older? Well, ask yourself this simple question: What's one good thing about it? Here, I'll help you. One year older may bring another gray hair or wrinkle, but those are marks of a life well earned, with nicks and scars and moles and spots that signify every single day you've lived. One year older is one year more of life experience, smarter decision making and far more confidence. And one year older means you're still living, and that's miraculous. We can all think of a former classmate, coworker, or friend who didn't make it on this earth as far as we have today--and really, what would they give for another year, another birthday? Here you are, alive and heading forth into your future.

Very good advice, Amy!