Today's deep thoughts: Doing What You Do

From the "Success Begins with Being Yourself" chapter of The Little Stuff Matters Most: 50 Rules from 50 Years of Trying to Make a Living by Bernie Brillstein, with David Rensin:

... the real successes don't conform. I'm not saying break the dress code and show butt-crack; but find some way to stand out. Any way. The best method is to work with who you are. Don't go looking for a style, find it in yourself. If all talent agents wear fashionable Armani and you wear Armani, you're not in style. You're in what other people think is style.


Do whatever works (appropriately) to get people to talk about you because, if they do, that means you're different--and that's good news, not bad news. Forget the conventional wisdom that if you stick out you'll attract trouble. If that happens, you can leave and start your own company. In fact, if you're different enough, you'll probably want to.

I am discovering my own ways to stand out and be myself in the face of other people who do not always know what to do with my quirkiness. It's tough, but it's important to me to be consistently true to who I am.