Today's deep thoughts: Weaknesses as Strengths

From the "Understand Yourself" chapter of Sun Tzu for Women by Becky Sheetz-Runkle:

International martial arts legend an film star Bruce Lee is an impeccable illustration of how to understand yourself and conquer weakness. Lee is often taken to be the picture of exceptional health, stamina, precision, and power. He's romanticized as perfection. But he wasn't, of course. His limitations included his size--he was short--his nearsightedness, and having one leg a full inch shorter than the other. He also suffered a serious injury as a young man that threatened to cripple him for life.

Confronting Limitations
Instead of avoiding his weaknesses, Lee acknowledged and reconciled them. He then dedicated his training to compensating for these shortcomings, while still maximizing his strengths. Lee understood that, like you, he wouldn't get far if he didn't reconcile himself to his limitations. They're a starting point.

He said his shorter left leg drove him to discover that the best fighting stance for him was with a right lead. This provided an advantage with some kicks and a uneven stomp that enabled greater momentum. His nearsightedness dictated he'd have to study a close-quarter combat system, so he began with the Chinese infighting style wing chun. "I accepted my limitations for what they were and capitalized on them. And that's what you must learn to do," he said.

One of my weaknesses is buying books. I heart books. Over my lifetime as a committed bibliophile, I have amassed hundreds of tomes, in various shapes, sizes, colors, and themes, and I have read most of them. I could borrow them from a library like other frugal people, but I don't. I like writing in my books, revisiting them later, and recommending them to my family and friends. So I keep buying them, and they keep taking over my room.

My love of books--though it may consume my time, space, and funds--has been a source of strength for me. When I have questions about my life and its direction, I often find a book that can help me find the answers I need. And sometimes, if I'm lucky, I can pass along my newfound wisdom along to readers like you. :)

Readers, what is one of your weaknesses that you can turn into a strength?