Today's deep thoughts: Three guys walk into a bar.

From the "Real Persuasion" chapter of Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom by my former professor Steve Martin.

Persuasion is not solely the recital of logical arguments or factual information to a listener. Instead, it is the process of projecting your entire set of beliefs and convictions onto another human being. It's not about getting others to acknowledge your arguments or agree with your business case; it's about making them internalize your message because they believe that's the only way to make real change happen.

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Anyone can recite facts, and two people can say the exact same words with entirely different results. Mastering the soft skills--understanding how to build rapport with skeptics, how people process and interpret information, and how to dovetail your ideas into a person's personal desires--is what ultimately makes someone influential.

To demonstrate these soft skills, we will use three linguistic role models: Ronald Reagan, Jesus Christ, and Buddha. We'll examine how they used language and communicated their ideas . . .

  • They spoke to each person individually.
  • They spoke with compassion.
  • They spoke with congruence.
  • They connected with the senses when they spoke.
  • They told stories to illustrate their ideas.

Who did you persuade today?



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