Today's deep thoughts: Oranges and such

From Phase Five ("Live a Happy Life") of Amy Spencer's book Meeting Your Half-Orange, which I like to apply to my life in general:

. . . Leslie credits her big move--trying a different key--for putting her in a new mindset. "Just the moving itself gave me a sense of control," she says. "Like, Hey, I did this. Me. My choice. Now, I unpack." And, she says, once you get on the path of making a big move or a big change, you get better at taking control of your life. You no longer worry how it looks to other people or whether others think it's logical or whether it makes financial sense. Once you make that first leap, it makes it easier to keep going on that path and try even more new things . . .

[ . . . ]

If you think you might need a change as big as Leslie's, just be prepared for some similar personal fallout. "People get weird when they think you're doing something off the map," says Leslie. "A lot of people didn't understand my choice. But they only saw the sweet exterior--they didn't know the sadness I was feeling. You have to be prepared for people who will not be supportive, and do what you need to do for yourself."

So how do know if a change in necessary for you? Focus on the feeling you're reaching for. Rather than jumping up and making a huge change right off the bat, give yourself a few weeks or months of focusing on what you want from a change: a new lease on life? Excitement when you wake up in the morning? Feeling like you're jumping off the hamster wheel? Go ahead, make a huge leap, as long as you doing it for you . . .